VoxもTechnoratiもサーバ・ダウンしていた。今(07:50 a.m. JST)現在もVoxは落ちたままだ。


Dear Vox member,

Vox is currently unavailable due to power issues in the San Francisco Bay Area that have impacted our co-location facility. This means that your Vox blog is not reachable at this time. This began at approximately 1:50 pm Pacific Daylight Time today, Tuesday July 24 2007.


Technorati fell victim to a swarm of power outages beginning at about 1:50 p.m. PDT Tuesday, July 24, 2007 that affected all of San Francisco and as far south as Daly City and South San Francisco, according to news reports. Our offices at Third and Townsend and one of our two co-location facilities were affected. We are working with our co-location facility managers to assess why it is back-up power generators failed to provide the necessary back-up power to prevent our site going down.

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