FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request


PALO ALTO, Calif. ― August 10, 2009 ― Facebook today announced that it has agreed to acquire FriendFeed, the innovative service for sharing online. As part of the agreement, all FriendFeed employees will join Facebook and FriendFeed’s four founders will hold senior roles on Facebook’s engineering and product teams.

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We are happy to announce that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. As my mom explained to me, when two companies love each other very much, they form a structured investment vehicle...

He also said that Friendfeed and Facebook agree on a few main philosophical points around openness. “Facebook’s focus on Facebook Connect and openness is also a central tenant of Friendfeed. Some of our ideas on Friendfeed can really accelerate Facebook’s product plans.”

First Interview After Acquisition With FriendFeed And Facebook | TechCrunch