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The Network (that’s what I’m going to call all the “Crunch” sites from now on) covered the private beta launch of ZumoDrive last month, so there’s no need to get into details again, but we wanted to inform you that the service is now available to the public. Also announced this morning was ZumoDrive’s free “Super Size MeiPhone application, which is now live.

ZumoDrive goes live, iPhone app tags along [Update] | TechCrunch


"Supersize Me" iPhone App - That's right, our iPhone app is called "Supersize Me" and will be available starting Wednesday February 25th in the Utilities and Music categories of the Apple App Store. Now it really doesn't matter if your iPhone has just 8 or 16 GB - you'll never again have to choose which content to put on it. Just like ZumoDrive supersizes your PC or Mac, the Supersize Me iPhone app lets you put ALL your music, photos and documents on your iPhone and delivers a fantastic experience whether you're connected via WiFi, 3G or EDGE. Browse through your entire music library and play anything as if it were stored on your phone. See your entire updated photo archive as it grows. View all your files including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF at any time.

The regular price of Supersize Me is $4.99, but we're giving the application away free to early users like you for a limited time - so go grab it now!

Oh yeah, if you like Supersize Me, please don't forget to rate it on the App Store. For those of you who use other smart phone brands, we're working to support the major platforms and will make ZumoDrive available on them later in the year.

Lower ZumoDrive Pricing - Yes, we're dropping our pricing to make ZumoDrive more affordable for you and everyone else. You can still get 1-GB of ZumoDrive storage for free, and our 10-GB starter plan runs $2.99 per month. But as of Wednesday February 25th, you'll get 25-GB for $6.99, 50-GB for $11.99 and 100-GB for $19.99 per month.

ZumoDrive Beta Now Public - Thanks to the help of our private beta users like you, we're now ready to offer ZumoDrive to the rest of the world starting Wednesday February 25th. So feel free to invite your friends to try ZumoDrive - they'll no longer need a beta access code.