News Corp:MySpaceは最高の買い物

「News Corp:MySpaceは最高の買い物」

5億8000万ドルで買収したMySpaceについて、News Copr幹部Peter Chernin氏は「長い間の買収歴で最もいい買い物だった」とFortune誌のインタビューで答えている。ライバルのFacebookが7億5000 万ドルのViacomの買収提案を蹴って、20億ドルは必要、という話が出ているところである。

"News Corp. (hearts) MySpace"

MySpace has simply exploded since the deal was done last July. Measured in terms of page views, MySpace has become the second-most popular site on the Internet -- behind Yahoo! (Research), but ahead of MSN (Research), AOL (Research) and Google (Research). It has 66 million members, and about 250,000 new ones sign up each day. That's a mind-boggling growth trajectory for an Internet site that was launched less than three years ago.